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Born from the merger of the Parisian law firms Valluet Achache (founded by Bruno Valluet in 1972) and Arilla & Associés (founded in 1992), AVA & Associés has always kept the DNA of its members,
which can be summarized in 4 features: expertise, innovation, enthusiasm and discretion.

Located at 57 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt since 1997, the firm has a loyal clientele and is recognised for the quality of its specialised work in business law, tax law and employment law.

We offer a concrete response adapted to the needs of our French and international clients (companies, organisations, associations, institutions, individuals) and we strive to propose both a legal and pragmatic strategy tailored to the constraints of governance.

Florence, Nicolas, José, Delphine, Carole, Alexia and Anne-Claire are all committed to their clients with enthusiasm and a taste for meticulous work.

The business and corporate law team, led by Nicolas Valluet, José Arilla and Alexia Germont, relies on the specific skills and experience of Anne Claire Fargues, Emeline Pilon and Laurent Czyrko to support them.
All tax law matters are handled by José Arilla.

For more than 20 years, the employment law department has been led by a united and committed trio, consisting of Florence Achache, Delphine Cazenave and Carole Helmer.

In order to provide the most accurate and appropriate legal assistance, the firm has a branch office in Brussels created by Florence Achache to meet the needs of clients in European law, as well as a solid network of renowned colleagues in their respective fields, particularly in public law, criminal law, real estate law, leases and appeals to the ECHR.

With its international correspondents located in Europe (in particular London, Brussels, Madrid and Athens) as well as in the United States and Asia, the firm is in a position to provide equally effective assistance to its French clients with interests abroad and to its foreign clients with interests in France.

To help, follow up and respond to our clients requests, we are fortunate to be able to rely on three attentive, efficient and complementary assistants, Anne Judeaux, Marie Danielle Dominique and Anne-Isabelle Morieux.

why we like working together:

what we say about:

Laurent Czyrko

Bilingual in English,

Laurent joined the firm as a jurist after obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Law and an LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law from Queen Mary University of London. His experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Paris Nanterre allows him to approach the law with pedagogy.


Alexia Germont

Consistency, tremendous work capacity, courage

Alexia joined the firm at the very beginning of her career as a lawyer and began her career there. Believing that she could not counsel a company effectively if she did not have a solid background in business, and keen to be active from the outset of strategic decisions, Alexia joined a renowned French investment company where she successively held the positions of General Counsel, Deputy General Secretary and then Director within the Managing Branch. She has practiced in Paris and London. However, law being her calling, and now with over 20 years of experience in the banking and financial sector, it was only natural that she returned to the firm. Perfectly bilingual in English, she works alongside Nicolas. She assists companies from their inception to their development on all their legal and operational issues. Her hobbies: getting back in touch with the earth in the Perche region… and a passion: involvement in the public debate through the think tank, France Audacieuse, which she founded in 2016, her frequent appearances on television and in the media and the publication of her latest book, “Réveillons Notre Europe”, published by Editions Temporis (2018).

She is also elected Deputy Mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, in charge of economic development, business and employment.


José Arilla

Pragmatic, a thorough legal professional, trilingual

José knows perfectly how to combine the Cartesian seriousness of a competent and experienced tax specialist with the creativity and imagination that enable him to provide our French and foreign clients with solutions adapted to their objectives and constraints. As often as possible, he favours dialogue and the search for amicable, effective, rapid, economical, secure and lasting solutions to disputes. As a keen legal practitioner, he is also involved in corporate restructuring and transfers, from their conception to their implementation. He is a member of the Paris and Madrid Bars and previously practiced in Anglo-Saxon law firms. His professional languages are French, English and Spanish.

His favourite hobbies: choral singing and ballroom dancing


Emeline Pilon

The newest addition to the firm,

Emeline was able to settle in right away and show her commitment to the business and corporate law team. She joined the firm as an associate after completing her final training internship, which enabled her to make the most of her knowledge in both corporate law and mergers and acquisitions. Both reassuring and tenacious, the firm can rely on her.

Her hobbies: cooking and Portugal.


Our assistants:

Anne Judeaux handles all the administrative and financial aspects of the firm with cheerfulness and
precision. Her literary, pictorial and musical culture delights her interlocutors.
Her favourite hobbies are English, Japanese and Brittany.

Marie Danielle handles all the litigation files with rigour and a communicative sense of humour. She
has a masterful grasp of the procedural agenda and you will find it hard to catch her at fault on a rule
of procedure. Her favourite pastimes are cats, the countryside and reading.


Anne Claire Fargues

Precision, creativity, meticulous legal expertise.

Anne Claire can work in both French and English. She has been with the firm for almost 20 years, sifting through clients’ legal files and working with them to develop tailor-made solutions with clockwork accuracy. Her favourite hobbies: dancing for the freedom and flexibility it expresses and history.

Her favourite period: the Great War


Florence Achache

Creativity, mastery of legal concepts and oratory skills.

A true alchemist of the law, Florence always seeks the most original and heterodox solution to convince. Her clients appreciate her legal rigour, her clear vision of the issues at stake and her candour. Even if she has a pronounced liking for litigation, she will not hesitate to encourage mediation, for which she has received training. Her university education and her experience as a former lecturer allow her to be equally effective in labour law and civil liability law.
Mindful of European legal issues, she leads the Brussels office. A true master Yoda of ethics in the firm, she does not tolerate any breach of confidentiality and is always concerned about the absence of any conflict of interest.

Her hobbies: singing, Touraine, Greece and loyalty, which she has turned into a way of life.


Delphine Cazenave

Technicality, thoughtfulness and determination

The areas in which she particularly enjoys working are risk prevention, collective relations law and
relationships with social partners. Delphine has always followed with enthusiasm all the developments in collective relations law over the last 20 years; this is how she can provide accurate and relevant advice in a field that is still full of uncertainties. Her pronounced taste for litigation allows her to intervene in complex cases, particularly in matters of moral harassment and termination of employment.
Together with Carole, she provides tailored legal training to meet the needs of her clients.
Her favourite hobbies: sailing, which shows her desire to go further and further and her mastery of all
circumstances, literature and comics for their multiple facets.


Carole Helmer

Encyclopaedic knowledge, a sense for the right word and a sense of perspective

Her enthusiasm knows no bounds and her background as a doctor of law, coupled with several years’ experience in an accounting firm, allow her to tackle all Labour and Social Security law issues with ease. She is committed to responding in real time to the problems encountered by her clients and you will hardly find her annoyed or cheerless. She is also very involved in the association Droit d’urgence. Her favourite hobbies: the United States for its pioneer spirit, the infinity of its landscapes and its literature.
And to relax, rowing and kayaking.


Nicolas Valluet

Demanding, pragmatic and moderate

Nicolas has been involved in equity transactions for over 20 years. He conducts complex operations with a constant concern for the long term. His high standards, expertise and availability have earned him the continued trust of his clients. His training as a mediator and his taste for finely tuned agreements enable him to resolve conflictual relationships and avoid years of litigation, even if he loves to argue before commercial jurisdictions.
His favourite hobbies: golf, gastronomy, the Pays Basque and the patient construction of an incomparable music collection.





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